Past events

Events during the 'Summer University' 1991-97


Inner Disarmament - Education for the 21st Century (The XIV. Dalai Lama, Ervin Laszlo, Vasily Nalimov, Luise Rinser, Karan Singh, Betty Williams)

Human Rights and Ecology in Modern Forms of Education (Monika Griefahn, Jakob von Uexküll)

Education towards Tolerance (Milos Forman, Ervin Laszlo, Liv Ullmann, Betty Williams)

      Culture, Art and Creativity

Compassion through Music (The XIV. Dalai Lama, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Beastie Boys, Anna Halprin, Peter Maffay, Patti Smith, David Sylvian)

Delirium of a Childhood (Ismael Ivo)

Civil War as a TV Series? Proposals for a new Media Culture (Hans Holzinger)

Realizing Visions through Determination (Christo & Jeanne-Claude)

      Health and Medicine

The Meaning of Tibetan Medicine for the Western World (Tenzin Choedrak)

Medicine for the Future (Rüdiger Dahlke)

Medical Practice and Holistic Healing in Comparison (Joseph Murray, Rajan Sankaran)

      Personal and Spiritual Development

From Inner Peace to Social Responsibility (Johan Galtung, Hazel Henderson, Ram Dass, Betty Williams)

Deciding Your Vocation (Richard Baker-roshi, Ervin Laszlo, Heinrich Ott, Peter Russell)

About the Other and the Other in Us (Pinchas Lapide, Hans-Joachim Maaz, Sally Perel, Luise Rinser, Barbara Thalheim)

      Politics - Conceptions, Processes, and Agency

Peace-Threatening Patterns of Social Thought and Political Action (Klaus von Bismarck, Liselotte Funcke, Walter Kempowski, Dorothee Sölle, Wolfgang Templin, Klaus Traube)

Transformation through Rapprochement (Egon Bahr, Valentin Falin, Henry Kissinger, Josef Joffe, Giovanni di Lorenzo)

The Volatility of the East-West Conflict for the International Community (The XIV. Dalai Lama, Iring Fetscher, Johan Galtung, Jochen Gerz, Max Jammer, Karl Pribram, Luise Rinser, Friedrich Schorlemmer, Herman van Veen)

Outer Disarmament - Visions for Politics and Society (The XIV. Dalai Lama, Franz Alt, Oscar Arias Sanchez, Hartmut Elsenhans, Johan Galtung, Hazel Henderson, John Hormann, Ervin Laszlo, Robert McNamara, John Charles Polanyi, Marie-Luise Schwarz-Schilling, Britta Steilmann)


War of Cultures? Identity and Tolerance in Interreligious Conflicts (Michael von Brück, Raimon Panikkar)

On the Value of Dialogue in Christian-Jewish Relations (Sir Sigmund Sternberg)

Interfaith Dialogue in the Transformation Process (Joachim-Ernst Berendt, Niklaus Brantschen, Michael von Brück, Petrus Bsteh, Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich, Pia Gyger, Jürgen Micksch)

      Social Problems

Psychosocial Conflicts between East and West (Michael von Brück, Ellis Huber, Hans-Joachim Maaz, Raimon Panikkar, Fritz Raddatz, Annette Simon, Theo Sommer, Helm Stierlin)

Social, Psychological, and Spiritual Roots of Violence (Rüdiger Dahlke, Stanislav Grof, Stanley Krippner, Hans-Joachim Maaz, Ambros Uchtenhagen, Lilian Uchtenhagen-Brunner, Robert Anton Wilson)

Violence in Everyday Life - Practical Nonviolent Conflict Management (Barbara John, Herbert Pietschmann, Barbara Thalheim)

The Sibling Society - An Impassioned Call for the Rediscovery of Adulthood (Robert Bly)

      Environment and Ecology

Life, Work and Technology in better Harmony with Nature (Karl Ludwig Schweisfurth)

Practical Environmental Research Demonstrated with the Construction of a Plant Purification System in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to Utilize Water Drainage from Irrigation (Michael Braungart)

Management and Environmental Protection (Monique Siegel)


From East-West Confrontation to East-West Integration: New Chances for the Economy (Egon Bahr, Friedrich Wilhelm Christians, Valentin Falin, Wolfgang Kartte, Henry Kissinger, Horst Kramp, Norbert Meisner, Otto Wolff von Amerongen)

Parameters of an East-West Strategy for Development (Sabine Bergmann-Pohl, Hartmut Elsenhans, Monika Griefahn, Helmut Haussmann, Freya Klier, Rolf Kreibich, Jost Krippendorf, Gabriele Krone-Schmalz)

On the Future of Money (John Nash)


Biological Roots of Human Understanding (Francisco Varela)

Meaning and Applicability of Co-operative Game Theory for Conflict Resolution (John Nash)

The Contributions of Medical Surgery to International Understanding and Tolerance (Joseph Murray)

Interdisciplinary Perspectives in the Natural and Social Sciences (Leon Cooper, Martin Jay)

      Future Studies

Global Perspectives on the Transformation of Values (Marion Countess Dönhoff, Heino Falcke, Tim Fischer, Ervin Laszlo, Dieter Lutz, Lea Rosh, Rupert Count Strachwitz)

Information: The New World Currency (Gerald Barney, Rodrigo Carazo, Hazel Henderson, Eva Quistorp)

Peace Work in Mailboxes - On the Social Possibilities of the Internet (Padeluun, Joseph Weizenbaum)